Bistop of Bracket - Celebrate

Sometime last week, I received a startling email from one of our reliable sources at a top radio station in Nigeria. The email, originally sent in by Bistop himself, included a brand new track from Bistop, the 3rd member of Bracket who reportedly left the group in order to further his education.

However, Bistop has returned with a new single and he's also decided to clear the air on what really happened behind the scenes. Word is that his own verse was deleted off many of their hit singles including "Yori Yori." We will bring you guys the original full version of the "Yori Yori" track as soon as we receive it.

What do you make of this shocking development?




You can read what Bistop had to say below:

Jealousy came from my group cos I’ve got more swagga. Ego came from our sponsor cos I was my group's leader in decision-making. He used money to make my group (Bracket) betray me because he sees me as a threat to his harsh ways of conduct. They betrayed me after after ten years of being together. They call me BISTOP, the origin of bracket and presently the owner of the newest single on air called ‘’’CELEBRATE’’’. I call that song “CELLEBRATE”” because it’s a breakthrough for me. I was never given the chance to express what happened to me in my group. They blocked every chance for me to seek the press or media, constantly feeding the masses and my fans with huge lies that I dropped out of the group because of academic pressure, parental pressure and most of all, they said I was never serious with the group’s reheasals etc.

My beautiful people, all you heard were all lies. I was forced into going solo after a 90% near to completion of “ least expected’” (Bracket's most recent album). They laid allegation behind me, made their judgment behind me and made their decision behind me. By deleting my voices from my songs, sold it to a marketer, went for concerts without giving me a dime from ten years of my sweat. I remember when I'd call their phone, they would not pick up, out of trying to shut me out from being heard from, but now, they call my phone trying to seek a way to make me not release the song CELEBRATE on air. I said to them, “nothing personal, I have to tell the world what you did to me” I was not meant to make it but here I am and I promise you in three years from now, the name BISTOP will be a brand that will open most doors.

BIRTHDAY: November 29

INSPIRATION: God, my friends who serve as my mirror to see what I am doing what to do and when to do it.

ROLE MODELS: Many but Jay-A, Akon and 2face.

MY BEST RIDE: Chrysler 300

ADVISE TO FANS: Don’t do it because people do, do it because you want to.

Finally, I wanna thank all my fans and the press for constantly asking after me. I promise to make an album that's more than an album but something you can resite on in the future.

I'm sure you're all as surprised as we are!