Xenophobia: Popular SA Singer, Babes Wodumo Says Nigerians Should Leave South Africa!

Babes Wodumo Xenophobia

Babes Wodumo - Xenophobia

Xenophobia: "Leave our country," Babes Wodumo tell Nigerians

The ongoing Xenophobic crisis is coming with surprises as some South African artistes are revealing their extreme hate for Nigerians and other Africans in their country. One revelation this crisis has brought out is that the popular South African singer, Babes Wodumo from her recent tweet obviously is not a fan of Nigerians, a people that has embraced her and her songs.

On the 3rd of September, the South African gqom singer expressed her xenophobic tendencies by tweeting that Nigerians should leave South Africa as that will make her country operate smoother. She said;

Nigerians need to leave South Africa!!! . Everything would be smooth without them . Engabe akukho kwa iwunga!!

Xenophobia Babe Wodumo


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1 year ago

They are just jealous, even their music artist envy ours because we are doing so well musically globally. Idiots.