Teni Talks About Being Careful In An Industry Where Colleagues Can Steal Your Craft

Teni Makanaki

Talented Nigerian singer, Teniola Apata popularly referred to as Teni Entertainer has revealed that she takes serious measures to ensure she doesn't just display her creativity to anyone who can steal and remix despite how inspired she gets.


This piece of information about the singer and her craft was revealed on Friday, the 26th of April during an interview with Gbemi O on the BeatFM.

She stated that an artiste, whose talent seemed to match her, (name withheld) had warned her to not let her guards down because fellow colleagues in the industry can call you to the studio and start recording whatever freestyle you display and before you know it, those same words would have been recycled for their own use.

The person has told me. This same advice you gave me, is what the person gave me. He told me Omo be careful o. That's why when the ginger or the spirit is already entering inside my body, i'll just say ha!, I'm going home... let me go to my house..."

Speaking on the criteria she looks out for before jumping on a song, Teni said;

"The song. As long as the song is nice, I don't care..."

When asked if a senior colleague in the industry brings a song that doesn't sound good to her, Teni replied that she'll be diplomatic about it because she understands people can be sensitive towards their craft.

I'll say Omo baba make we run another ... I'll say Omo this one e bad o but we fit just run another one. 

She went further to talk about by diplomatic with senior colleagues in the music industry especially when they send her a song she doesn't consider good enough to jump on. According to Teni, people can be sensitive hence you have to be diplomatic and look for a way to tell them to try the song in another way rather than coming out blunt which might be perceived as disrespectful.

Watch the full interview below;



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