StartupsNigeria Blog

This is an exciting blog. Exciting because the blog is exposing Web 2.0, Internet startups created for or by Nigerians. Read the below for a full explanation.

is a weblog that reviews and analyses web startups in Nigeria, as well
as tech/mobile products and services in Nigeria that are making an
impact in today’s new web space.

The idea is to connect global web-savvy blogs and businesses with
those in Nigeria, as well as to empower new Web 2.0 startups in Nigeria
to developing technologies and applications that would add value to
users. The site will be featuring blogs on startups advice, news,
communities, etc that would provide information on the latest gists
around startups in Nigeria as well as provide tips and advice for
Nigerian web entrepreneurs on how to start and build successful online

Basically, the blog tells you about a new company or technology and explains to you how it works. Then the author goes on to give you his opinion on the startup or technology.
If you are interested in knowing about newly created (startup) company that is technology, mobile or Web related, go to StartupsNigeria Dot Com, it is packed with information on all these new Nigerian startup companies. I was happy to learn that there are several Web 2.0 type of sites out there catering to Nigerian(s) and actually impressed at how the blog stays on top of information. I love it!...

FYI if you are thinking about starting your Web 2.0 startup for Nigeria or Nigerians, you may want to check StartupsNigeria blog as a resource for your R&D

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