Lionhearts Events Presents Cirque De Soir: A Celebration Of The African Spirit


Lionhearts Events Presents Cirque De Soir: A Celebration Of The African Spirit

Lionheart Cirque de soir - 2019

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In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, the renowned Ghanaian-owned boutique events agency, Lionhearts Events, is staging Accra’s first African-themed Cirque production from the 6th to the 26th of December at the Savannah Garden, East Cantonments

Under the creative direction of Tamara Jonah-Goka, Cirque De Soir fuses mind-blowing performances, exquisite culinary experience, and captivating aesthetic design to create a night of cultural storytelling that audiences will never forget.

2019 not only marks Lionheart Events’ ten years of cutting edge event planning, but also an impassioned collective homecoming to our heritage, dubbed the ‘Year of Return’. To celebrate Africa’s rich culture, colors, and identity, Cirque De Soir showcases a world-class ensemble in a 2-hour show-stopper that combines contemporary cirque-style artistry with a traditional twist. 

Guests will be viscerally immersed in the textures, sounds, and emotions that the African landscape inspires while enjoying a lavish 4-course dinner and locally inspired cocktails created by the coveted luxury catering house, Villa Grace.

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Tamara says: “For us, it is a giant step, we asked the best people we’ve come across in recent years to join us. Working in the business for so long has taught me that you can bring beauty to people and that gives you the courage to always push for more. And there is nothing like creating social communities and bringing people together. It’s something priceless and it’s why 10 years for Lionheart it’s only the beginning.”

Cirque De Soir offers a dynamic 90-minute extravaganza with 14 dancers, aerial artists, music performances and stunning effects in an experience that captures Africa’s powerful essence to leave audiences in awe of the continent’s beauty. We invite you to witness this world of spectacular imagination come to life through contemporary creative expression.


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