"If He Was In Jamaica, He'll Be Dead By Now!" Stonebwoy Blasts Shatta Wale


In an interview released on the 9th of September, Ghanaian singer, Stonebwoy blasted Shatta Wale for stirring up rumors that Stonebwoy killed his (Stonebwoy) mother.

This anger was prompted when the presenter, King Lagazee said, Shatta Wale, stated in an interview that he has been trying to reach out to Stonbwoy for a collaboration but Stonebwoy won't respond. This comment infuriated Stonebwoy who said he hasn't picked up Shatta's phone call because Shatta Wale cannot tell people he is responsible for his mother's death and still come to find peace with him like nothing happened.

He said;

You go around and diss my mother that I kill my mother and I see some fans tweeting it and some bullshit! and some foolishness... That I kill my mother?! You go about and say I kill my mother and saying "Yo! Killer re re re... I'm waiting for one person to come and stand in front of me including himself and tell me that I kill my mother and would be beautiful in this Ghana... you understand. So tell him to f**k off!... if he was in the same Jamaica, he'll be dead by now! ..., Nigga thinks he's a G, Nigga thinks he's a Jamaican. Don't diss people and go back and beg them. Shatta Wale is a bad man! ... who dey insult other artistes pass you? You think de country na your own?

Speaking further, Stonebwoy reveals he has no issue with Shatta Wale and how the dancehall artiste goes about his business, all he doesn't want is being publicly accused and apologized to in private hence Shatta should stop texting him for a collaboration.