Happy Birthday, Mola OG!!!

This is a special post wishing the Chief Proprietor of, Mola OG, a very happy birthday. When he wakes up to see this, I'm sure the first thing on his mind would be "Ovie, you dey crase." Well, yes! I admit. I'm crazy... about this blog. I've literally been a fan for way longer than I've been an author... just ask the "older" heads.
Mola's workrate, in terms of keeping the fans up-to-speed as regards the goings-on in Naija music, is second to none. The ease with which he liaises with the artistes and readers as well as his promptness in replying emails from well-wishers/fellow promoters shows how humble and dedicated he is.
On a personal note, I have certainly benefitted from the contagious nature of his commitment. He's taught me the ABCs of blogging (I swear, I knew nothing about using html before)... all for free!

Since this also qualifies as a music post, it's only right to put up one of Mola's favorite songs from an artiste he almost single-handedly unearthed and " notjustOk Hyped" on the blog, ADOL.

Let's take this time out to wish this korrect Lagos/Kwara boy a happy
birthday, and many more fruitful, music-filled years to come. Joyeux Anniversaire, Mon amie!!!


Pic: Mr. notjustOk

Mola OG


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