Davido Shuts Down Mayotte Despite Language Barrier ? ?


Davido Shuts Down Mayotte Despite Language Barrier ? ?

Davido is back to discovering new places with his music and this time, it's Mayotte, a French colony which is about one-half of the way from northern Madagascar.

Davido who performed there last night, 27th of October shared his experience about Mayotte on Instagram. The singer revealed that after being booked to perform in Mayotte, the language was a big issue for himself and his crew who couldn't communicate with the people of the region and that made ordering for their food and possibly other activities difficult.

With obvious pride, Davido stated that despite the language barrier, music brought them all together as they all found themselves vibing to his songs when he started performing on stage.

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He said;

Thank you Mayotte ?? ❤??Never heard of this place until we got booked to perform here !!We arrived two days before the show and had problem communicating with the people because of language barrier , even to order food nah wahala ! But as soon as I touched that stage last night we all spoke the same language ! IT WAS AMAZING! Music = Universal Language ?

According to a survey carried out in 2016, Mayotte's population is about 235,132 and although just like Suriname, this might be a place with the little population, it is a step further in spreading Afrobeats and the singer's works.