BEWARE: FRAUDULENT NOTJUSTOK Profiles on Social Media Sites Defrauding Artists

It is time to address some fraudulent profiles on social media sites such as THE FAKE Demola OG Notjustok and Sheeda Notjustok on FACEBOOK. Neither of these 2 fraudsters have ever been affiliated with the notjustok team. It has come to our attention that these 2 criminals have stolen money from many upcoming artists who have attempted to get their songs on, by lying to them that their songs will be posted if they make payments to them directly.

Here is an example of such a request:


Note that we at have never and do not collect money to post music or creative material on the website. If you ever want your music posted on, send it in mp3 format to The team will listen and determine if it will be posted. In addition, if you ever need to advertise on, please fill the form HERE or send an email directly to

Please be aware that if you ever want to transact business with anyone on the notjustok team, be sure that you NEVER do it via facebook, twitter or any social media site. The only way to be sure that you are dealing with someone who is truly on the notjustok team is via email and make sure that the email that they are corresponding with is authentic and has the email address. If not, you are more than likely being defrauded and deceived AKA forming MUGU OR MAGA.

The profiles below may look real, but they are fake and many more may appear, but always remember that you should ONLY transact business with anyone who claims to be on the team only via EMAIL. Please be careful and guard your money from these criminals.


Please do me an extra favour, I need all of you to click on the two profiles below and REPORT these 2 profiles on facebook as impersonating someone you know so that both profiles can be deleted permanently on facebook.

One last thing, don't hesitate to point out or let us know who else out there is stealing and impersonating notjustok team members on any social media site. We need to get all of them off the streets, so that no one else is stolen from.

Thank you and God Bless!!!
FAKE Demola OG Notustok







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