DOTTi - Social Distance | Songs In Isolation (EP)

DOTTi - Social Distance | Songs In Isolation (EP)

DOTTi - Social Distance | Songs In Isolation (EP)

Overview of DOTTi - Social Distance | Songs In Isolation (EP)

Earlier this week, I made an open call on my twitter account asking up & coming acts to share their songs with me (Mino Music App links only). In the midst of all the links, a few stood out. DOTTi is one of them. The song "Social Distance" piqued my interest in his craft, so I checked out his latest EP "Songs In Isolation" and I'm completely sold! He even has some really nice videos on YouTube, including the lovely Xmas piece, Jolly Christmas.


Best believe, I'll be keeping tabs on DOTTi henceforth.

In DOTTi's words:

Realizing that this COVID-19 Pandemic was more serious than I thought it was, I became very scared. My fear came from the knowledge of how it blocks airflow through the throat. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘my singing career could be over or seriously affected if I contracted the virus’. I sure took the Social Distancing and Stay-At-Home thing very seriously. I became too careful but the news and updates were really messing with my mind. It took meditation, making and listening to music and compiling Songs in Isolation to help me get over the fear of losing my voice.

Songs in Isolation is a compilation of stories based on my experiences during this period of lock down. Of course, I couldn’t cross all the T’s but I put in enough work to make this worth listening to and putting on repeat. I also have put this project up for free streaming and downloads only. Please do relive these experiences with me. I wrote the song, Social Distance from a friend’s conversation with his girlfriend in the early stage of the coronavirus pandemic. I think it to be a funny but serious story.

DOTTi's Songs In Isolation EP