Rapper Traidmarc Lends His Voice To The Struggle With "END SARS"


If you love good rap music, one album to look out for this year is Traidmarc’s Epilog which listed the track 'End Sars'. According to Traidmarc himself, the album has 24 tracks and they definitely sound amazing. The problem now is which are we going to make a favourite.


So, Traidmarc is a Rapper, Songwriter, Philanthropist and a business mogul in Australia. He’s originally from Benin, Edo state but had to relocate to London with his mum and siblings. In 2009, he moved to Australia to make a name for himself. Indeed he has and that’s why he’s the “Big Boss”.

Rapper - Traidmarc Lends His Voice To The Struggle With – "END SARS"

Rapper Traidmarc 

Traidmarc’s debut single in 2011, “Come Dance With Me” hit over a million streams in 24hours. To satisfy his fans thirst for more of his good music, he released his debut album “The Walls Have Eyes” in 2013.

In 2019, Traidmarc made a return to music with singles like; Soul Mate, U Got Me... and he’s about to hit the music industry with his 24 track album which took him 10 years to create. It’s safe to say that he took his time to perfect his sophomore album.

Traidmarc’s music is inspired by his personal hardship and happenings in society. Safe to say that he’s an artiste who lends his voice to every form of injustice like he did on his latest release End SARS

You can connect with Traidmarc on all social media platforms to stay updated about his forthcoming album.

Facebook – Traidmarc | Instagram - @traidmarc.tmg | Twitter - @traidmarc.


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