Oyinkanade X Vector - Dahun (Answer)


Oyinkanade X Vector - Dahun (Answer)

Oyinkanade X Vector - Dahun (Answer)

Oyinkanade X Vector - Dahun (Answer)

Overview of Oyinkanade X Vector - Dahun (Answer)

Project Fame season 5 winner, Oyinkanade, starts his year with a brand new single "Dahun" assisted by one Nigeria's finest rappers in Vector.

Oyinkanade, serenading on the melodious tune passing a message to everyone who cares to listen to wake up, chase their dreams and pray whilst they watch it come alive. Vector on the other hand talks from a deep perspective that reminds an individual he/she has got to pay the price that comes with living on earth.
This is a must listen for everyone.
Sit Back To Enjoy this highly addictive tune!



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