Khoje ft. Zlatan – Ginger

Khoje ft. Zlatan – Ginger

Khoje ft. Zlatan – Ginger

Fast-rising Nigerian recording artiste, Khoje, is unrelenting in her quest to take over the Afrobeat soundscape with her very contagious music, as she huts us with her debut E.P titled ‘3rd Kulture Kid’


Khoje is an audacious all round entertainer, who has worked her way to prominence and truly deserves all the recognition she gets today. She has proven herself as a versatile artiste who will stand the test of time and will do exceptionally well in any genre, whether pop music, hiphop, RnB or any other sound there is. Beyond any doubt Khoje is the artist to look out for in the coming days.

Khoje is set to release her 5 track debut E.P titled ‘3rd Kulture Kid’, a body of work that showcases Khoje as the multi-talented artiste that she is. The E.P reveals Khoje the unrestrained expression of herself and her refusal to settle for less or ride on the wings of mediocrity.

She shared thoughts on a lot of the challenges we battle in society and stressed the need to be happy and be unbothered with the things that she really cares about. On the E.P, she made only one collaboration and she couldn't have gotten a better collabo-buddy than the World President himself, Zlatan. The track is titled ‘Ginger’ and will be an instant favorite on the dance floors.

With “3rd Kulture Kid” E.P, Khoje hopes to journey listeners to a whole new realm of
experiences, showcasing her range through lyrics, genre-bridging sounds and amazing
performances soon to come.

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