Khennie Grey makes wave with his lead single Give Me Love off his new EP "Udefined"


It no longer comes as a surprise how Nigerian born artists, such as Khennie Grey, are making waves outside the homeland; this has made actual African songs become more prestigious than we envisaged and our global representation is rated highly on the charts at the moment. Khennie Grey is raking waves with 'Give Me Love', a lead song off his new EP "Udefined"

Khennie Grey – Give Me Love

Cover Banner for 'Give Me Love'

Kehinde Olasunbo Oluyole “Khennie Grey” was born in Lagos, Nigeria before he made for the United Kingdom. He identifies as a Nigerian recording artist, performer, and entertainer in the Afrobeats genre.

KhennieGrey’s pursuit in the music game reflects a shift in the contemporary Afrobeats we are all accustomed to. He clearly experiments with a spice of Electronic Dance Music, a blend of R&B and his unchanged African rhythm. All this may have taken a long course of trial and error to be fully achieved but Kehinde is finally done cooking and ready for us all to have a taste of him


Listen to the Khennie Grey – Give Me Love:

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