WEB PREMIERE: Jesse Jagz - Jargo ft Jago + Nobody Test Me ft M.I & Ice Prince


Producer extra-ordinaire and J-Town Ambassador, Jesse Jagz, has finally released his long-anticipated debut album titled "Jag of all Trades" on the streets of Nigeria; official release date set at April 19th. We're yet to verify the exact amount of albums sold from Alaba so far, but we hear that everything printed was sold out on the first day.


"Jag of all Trades" is 19 tracks deep and it features a few notable names, mostly linked with the Choc City Crew. "Jargo" featuring Jesse's alter-ego, Jago (his nickname), is his next single off the album. Here, he mixes English, Hausa and another Hindu-sounding language. Heavy tune in my book.


Jargo ft Jago

[audio:http://www.notjustok.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Jesse-Jagz-Jargo-ft-Jago-NJO.mp3|titles=Jesse Jagz - Jargo ft Jago (NJO)]

...And now to the real deal most fans have been waiting for, M.I has responded to Kelly Hansome's diss on "Catch Me If You Can." From what we hear, "Jag of all trades" was originally billed to drop sometime during the April 12th week, but it was "mysteriously" pushed further by one week after we released Kelly's diss track aimed at M.I and Chocolate City on the 12th. Our VERY VERY CONCRETE sources also tell us the song below, Nobody Test Me, was added to the album right before printing the first batch of copies on the 18th of April. What's more?? The Choc Boiz have made a statement through this song that they're ready to eat up any beef laid on their table.

Aight, I'm talking too much. To hear the full song, go cop "Jag of all Trades" on the streets right now!!! And for the "unfortunate few" abroad, we'll be making it available for purchase right here on notjustOk.com very soon. Be patient. 🙂

"Only one Kelly that I know... Kelly Rowland!"

Nobody Test Me/Choc Boiz Anthem ft Ice Prince & M.I (Snippet)

[audio:http://www.notjustok.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Choc-Boiz-Anthem-NJO.mp3|titles=Choc Boiz Anthem (NJO)]

You can read what M.I initially had 2 say about Kelly Hansome on twitter:

Date: April 13th, 2009.

#10 (ten things to do after kelly hansome disses you): wonder why 'kelly rowland' is dissing you and why she sounds like a nigerian man

#9 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): refer to show promoters as 'Maga' making phrase maga don pay.. Relevant and correct to self!

#8 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you) rewrite fast money fast cars.. Calling it.. Fast money fast cars;the fab life of kelly hansome!

#7: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): collect all future awards saying.. I don't deserve this..is kelly hansome here(he is not!)

#6 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you) promise world 2 grow taller; seek out height doctor, or taller shoes e.g goth shoes 4rm camden

#5: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): write open apology to kelly hansome, post on www.360nobs.com sayng sorry 4 being succesful

#4 (10steps after kelly hansome disses u): wear fake mustache for a month, disguise self, song is prolly so hot and everyone will know it!!

#3 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): attend recovery group of artists recuperating after their own disses, eg..mohits, terry g etc

#2 (Ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): Listen to song over and over till you know all lyrics and can appreciate artistry in song

#1: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses u): Remember.. You are still beautiful.. And God and ur parents love you still..