Kezie – Passion Vs Pressure (EP)

Kezie – Passion Vs Pressure

Kezie – Passion Vs Pressure

The release of "Original Enjoyment", the debut single off the EP, was an embodiment of the great Fela Kuti, laced with youthful exuberance and wit. This opened the floodgates for this new wave of sounds that birthed the "Passion vs Pressure" EP. The self acclaimed "New School Fela" was evident in tracks like "International", "Faraway" and "Money". Kezie's versatility and ability to keep audience entertained throughout a song, while still being able to address real life issues, were most evident in the song "I wish", while "Kante" and "Twerk" were metaphorical and literal expressions of emotions towards love interests respectively. This feels like more than just an EP. It's a journey. Enjoy the ride!