Chris Rio - Ife

Chris Rio - Ife

Chris Rio - Ife

Chris Rio releases new single titled "Ife"

It's quarantine season, and a face you don't see everyday is making a comeback. After a 2-year hiatus, The Voice 2017 finalist, Chris Rio is back on the scene with a fresh new song to help everyone cope with the lockdown - especially those locked down with their significant other.


Ife is a love song with a compelling blend of native African instruments, most prominently the talking drum. Here, Rio serenades his significant other in his signature calm & conversational manner, making for an interesting journey of a song. Serving as a follow up to his 2018 wedding first dance anthem "This Dance" featuring battle partner J'dess, Rio flexes his muscles once again as a prominent Afro R&B male Nigerian artist. The talent and effort is undeniable, and IBK's production brings this beautiful song to life in a great way.

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Ife's melody is catchy enough to be a sing along tune, the type that can be described as "whistle-worthy", very much like the majority of Rio's catalogue. What better way to come back, than with a tune that will be stuck in many heads for a long while.

Check it out and share your thoughts below.


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