Brymo - Black Man, Black Woman

Brymo - Black Man, Black Woman

Brymo - Black Man, Black Woman

Overview of Brymo - Black Man, Black Woman

Highly talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, Brymo just released his highly anticipated body of work, a new album titled "Yellow."


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Off the praised album, "Black Man, Black Woman" is one of the fan favorites so far and it also serves as the 8th track on the project.

Check it out below and share your thoughts.


Quotable Lyrics

This love from the very beginning na taboo

I dey for you, you dey for me like the sun and the earth

And this guy of responsibility na for few

You carry our matter ah for head

If na the days of our fore fore fathers

The way they live them go call us messiah

Like amadioha, like sango and oya

But I be Black man

I bend the whole town

To impress some crazy clowns

Whey they spread the hate around

Black man I own the whole world

To impress some silly clowns

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