AV Features Victony on New Single 'Booze & Bumbum'


Nigerian singer-songwriter, AV releases a new single titled “Booze & Bumbum (B&B),” featuring his colleague, Victony, and record producer, Ktizo. The song comes shortly after his previous output, “No Dey Form.”


Booze and Bumbum” see AV and Victony mull over their shared connection for some of the frivolities that life offers. AV brags about his buoyant financial status and his hedonistic desires while Victony tattles about the diversity of people in attendance at parties that he hosts, hammering on the importance of ginormous booties. Together, both acts croon over symphonious bass guitar riffs and lively percussion.

AV has been on an extensive Europe tour over the months, performing across big stages and thrilling his audience. His hit single “Big Thug Boys” has been heavily remixed in different burgeoning markets. AV broke into the music scene in 2021 with “Big Thug Boys,” soaring to the top of charts and airwaves. The singer forms the vanguard of contemporary Afropop artists pushing the genre to new audiences.

After a decent run in 2022, AV sets the mood for his debut EP “Thug Love” with a calm infectious vibe. Collaborating with one of the buzzing Nigerian acts and a talented producer, AV puts together a rhythmic bop that’s certain to get listeners in the groove. Production credit goes to Ktizo.

Listen to Booze & Bumbum here.