A-Q - Hmmm

A-Q - Hmmm

A-Q - Hmmm

Overview of A-Q - Hmmm

Highly talented rapper - A-Q, returns with another new single and a video to match, hinting further that his new album 'God's Engineering' may be on the horizon. His latest release which is titled “Hmmm” is a trappy track which is not A-Q's usual forte, it finds the rapper talking his talk over a very bouncy but minimal production.


On this one the rapper picks on the lack of content in recent songs and the use of the word Altè as a cover for making appalling music. Said to be his last album, A-Q also hinted that 'God's Engineering' will be controversial as he has a lot to get off his chest and has nothing to lose.

Check out 'Hmmm' below!


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