Naeto C spittin the "P"

aeto Chuko popularly known as Naeto C is a Nigerian bred hiphop/rap artist. He has been on his rap grind for a while now, rapping for fun as he finessed his flow and technique on the microphone.
Now that there is Bread involved, he is no longer doing it for fun. He proclaims on his Myspace page "Gidi is mine n I'm taking over Cuz im bored"; with his highly anticipated, "unnamed" album due out soon which features his new hit single "U know my P" ft Ikechukwu, he might DO just that. I was able to ask Naeto C some questions the other day and he was available to answer them. He is spittin some heavy "P" on this Q&A, one of the best (content wise) Q&As I've done so far:

When did you start rapping and tell us a little about how you got to this skill level?
I started rapping between '99 and 2000...when i
met my boy Uzi (1/3 of World Famous Akademy) after moving to the US to
go to college...him and ikechukwu have different styles so in the
process of trying to keep up i played with different styles as well, in
addition, I was always around really skillful rappers like them and
some other dudes down with our crew, Juan Carlos, Omega, Chion Press, i
think being down with them and having Cyphers definite increased my
skill level...working with a lot of producers and eventually becoming a
co-producer helped too...that and objective listening to a lot of

When and how did you realize that you were good enough to pursue this as a career?
Before i came back to Nigeria i had recorded
over 45 solo songs and about 30 group songs so in between all this i
realized i had some potential but after getting back to Nigeria and
recording "Sittin on Top", I literally performed the song a week later
at a big brother eviction party...about three thousand people in the
audience...the response was pandemonium, I could hear myself rap and
got so overwhelmed that I had to stop the music and thank everybody...I
think at that point i was like "i can pretty much do this",
furthermore, finding out the possibility that this career field could
financially make sense if i approach it properly made me feel it was
cool to do it as a career thing.

Who were some of the people that influenced and shaped you as an artist?

than my Crew, WFA, I'd say Wu Tang, 2pac, Jay-z, BIG, 50 cent, Busta
Rhymes, Hugh Masekela, Corparal, Sizzla and Bob Marley...a few R&B
songwriters...I've learnt something from all of them pretty much...i
like a lot of music but that never meant i was influenced per say, the
guys i mentioned definitely influenced me or laid a format for me to customize for myself and shape up my image and music properly

rapping accent can easily pass for an American's. Usually when people
hear you rap, they always say something like "omo this guy phone tap
o"... In fact, the other day I played 'Lagos City, Hustler' for a
friend and the only thing that gave you away was the content of the
music. Did you ever try pursuing a rap career in the states or you
focused strictly on Gidi? Why?

Wait till u hear the new version of LCH,
We're shooting that video soon...i tried pushing myself out there but i wasn't equipped properly no Video's, no structured album, little fan
base, the things that get u a record deal...WFA had been pushing our
brand out there but the thing is that out there (the States) they want u to have
covered all the ground work and have the things I just mentioned...I
was in school so my focus was divided. Furthermore before you win the west,
u have to win your people, it made more sense to focus on Gidi...Since
we have what it takes to operate in the US, with seven videos, a naeto
c album, 3 wfa mixtapes, a new ikechukwu album in the can, a production
company, a continental fan-base, even better a core-nigerian fan base
(5% of 200million people is alot o!), shiiiiiiiiit, they'd be stupid
not to sign us...thats too much money in one pocket...we'll make it
there when the time is right...

Do you write on paper or spit straight from the dome?

A mixture but i rarely use paper, i use my PDA...

How receptive is Gidi to rap these days in your opinion?

Very receptive...if your a young black
man/girl Hip Hop is usually the soundtrack of your life besides thats
the most commercial type of music a regular Nigerian has access to, so
before "musa" in zaria can get his hands on bob maryley and the
wailers, he'll see a 50 cent CD 1st...its inevitable, youth
culture/urban culture is synonymous with HIP HOP/RAP, worldwide...Gidi
is definitely receptive

to get too personal, but how is the monetary reward for you as an
artist. Considering the bootlegging in Nigeria, do you expect to make a
profit from album sales or you focus on the funds from the shows you
perform at?

Bootlegging never really matters in my own
opinion, there are bootleggers everywhere, even online with
shareware...i think that thats an excuse a lot of misinformed artists or
entertainers use to claim as a reason why they're broke...the real
reason why they're broke is cause they don't know how to create revenue
streams for their "business"...where's the business plan, where's the business structure, people are just putting out cd's and expecting to
get paid, even show money is no money in my opinion, thats fast money,
it doesn't last, how are u going to save fast money with daily expenses
of a celebrity?
I'm going to capitalize off my platform and make a
sensible profit of my album will be available on over 20
digital platforms, itunes to cdbaby to freaking amazon, shit eBay you know a blank cd is more expensive that cd with music on
it in Nigeria? a song on i-tunes is 99cents almost the same as an album
in Nigeria, that a song=album in terms of pricing...we have an
independent street team that will assist in our physical distribution
about 300 strong nation wide, that should give us head
way...furthermore the telecom companies are talking about facilitating
their service with Nigeria music...too much is going down at the same
time boss...its impossible to lose 

What can we expect from your album and what is it called?
The best should be expected apart from the
fact that I'm dedicated, I've had a year to set-up from a marketing
standpoint to a creative production company CERIOUS
MUSIC is all over my album, the production quality is definitely
situated, my beats selection for this album is crazy, the content is
built to attract interest...something for everybody, some stuff nobody
done before in the whole world bro, I'm confident because as team we've
worked hard to select the best music for this time period, i keep on
recording new stuff and adding it to the album which i need to chill
on, by the time I'm done I'll have my 2nd album ready...i already do
actually, this LP is untitled tho...any suggestions?

How are the females treating you these days, compared to back in the days?

I guess I'm more visible/audible, TV,
magazines and radio exposes ur personality positively because those are
all aspirational forms of media to people in general. I meet females
who like the music or the imagery, or who just like the cause.I've
always had more female friends so the difference isn't much yet, its

What is the next single called and when can we buy the album?
U know my P ft Ikechukwu, Premiering on MTV Base pretty soon, pictures on facebook...check my website
, my myspace-
facebook me etc, i'll post all the digital platforms carrying the album
as soon as the paperwork stuff is'll be everywhere and more
places you see a cd from nigeria...

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