Durella and Morachi

These two artists add value to the Nigerian music scene and only increase variety to the Nigerian music consumer.


He is very similar to D'banj. It might work for him or work against him, there is no in between. I will say one thing though; Durella's videos are very easy on the eyes compared to a lot of Naija music videos out there, mainly because of the picture quality and the good judgment in color combinations in the videos. Another thing that is working for Durella is that regardless of how similar you think he is to D'banj, his hooks are catchy and are easy to keep reciting for the rest of the day. The only songs I have heard from Durella are the 'Sayo' and 'Wiskolo Wiska' songs.  I can't write a post about Durella without  mentioning his the "The Zanga" term, which appears to be his kingdom. I spotted the 'Wiskolo Wiska' video on WorldfamousNaijaBlog and decided to write a short post on Durella... Let me know your thoughts on the video and Durella.


One thing you will notice after watching and listening to the youtube slideshow below is that Morachi is a big gunners (Arsenal) fan; typical 'yahoo yahoo' identity abi, but I digress. 'No Dull Me' is a solid track if you ask me, a club banger. He also has a song called 'Hapuya like dat' which is not a bad song, a mix between old school and new shool naija song format. Morachi also has his own term too called "Mezabu" and he calls himself the 'Mezabu' Master; its meaning is easy to figure out after you listen to the 'No Dull Me' song... LOL!!! all these Pseudonyms, Zanga and Mezabu are funny as hell... Leave your thoughts or comments about Morachi and his music.

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