VOTE: A.C.R.E (African Connect Relief Event) Concert ft. Banky W, WizKid & Naeto C

The A.C.R.E Concert which will be held on July 30th at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA, is an exclusive charity event sponsored by SOWI (Save Our Women International) in collaboration with Oxigen media group.

The first part of the event consists of a kick-off concert that features music artists from Africa dubbed the African Connection Relief Event (A.C.R.E). This concert will serve the purpose of creating a base of support and following for SOWI's entire initiative. Oxigen media proudly presents a star studded event that features widely acclaimed and celebrated music artist from Nigeria including Banky W, Wiz Kid, and Naeto C. Some of the proceeds will be donated to Save Our Women International to speed their outreach to more rural and impoverished areas.

***Now in order to choose the 7 artistes, you will have to vote. A.C.R.E is giving the fans an opportunity to vote whom they want to see perform at the concert on July 30th. The first 7 artistes to get to 1000 votes will be performing at the event. So GO NOW AND VOTE who you want to see perform. NOTJUSTOK will also be there live so it will be great meet many of you in person.

The first artiste to 1000 votes will be announced next week.


Naeto C who just debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Next Big Sound 25 Music Chart! Speaks about the event and tells you to go and vote NOW.


Save Our Women International, Inc.’s mission is creating awareness, providing supporting social structures, and education on female fertility health and the prevention of Teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.
. The concept of creating an organization like SOWI was conceived in Ghana where statistics show that 30% of expectant mothers are killed by unsafe abortions practices. S.O.W.I in itself is not against abortion however we are deeply concerned with the increasing rates of abortion related deaths in third world countries and worldwide. We, at SOWI believe that the education of our youth and young adults in regards to these key issues is the best way to prevent and detract from this unfortunate phenomenon. It is our belief in this founding principle that led to the creation of the African Connection Initiative.

The African Connection Initiative is an educational, fun, informational and interactional program that appeals to women, young and old. We have found through research of other organizations and through our own experiences that traditional methods of outreach are steadily declining in their ability to reach rural and impoverished individuals. It is for this reason that SOWI is proposing the use of the African Connection Initiative as an edgy means of drawing attention to the issues at hand. The first year of the African Connection Initiative is broken down into two distinct yet inter-connected stages.

The second part of the first year of the African Connection Initiative is very educational and insightful. Harnessing the buzz of the massive turnout for the concert, we will switch gears to begin our Campus-Wide Distinguished Speaker Series. Throughout our years of experience dealing with women health issues, we have met a diversity of women who have overcome enormous adversity in their personal lives. These women will have credibility and ample experience and know how to council our young adults in a way that is non-judgmental and easy on the ears. We will enlist the star power of an A-list celebrity, by way of paid contracts or by soliciting volunteer hours to support the cause as an Ambassador or Spokesperson. This program will be unlike any other, we will be using interactional media, and speakers who are well versed on the pertinent topics.

We will also be partnering with various students groups and organizations to ensure we will be reaching the maximum number of students. This aspect of our programming is very important because it is directly linked with our ability to create continuity for year two of the African Connection Initiative. We are looking to build relationships with the students who are already involved in their schools’ African Students Associations, organization present at all major US universities, who are interested in volunteering in Africa in the second year to conduct similar outreach to many rural and impoverished regions.

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9 years ago

If its a 'Save Our Women' event shouldn't there be some female artistes in the line-up? Or don't we have any worth paying? I guess not sha. SMH

Forte jr
9 years ago

Ι̥†s a big idea and ι̥† gets better when students groups are so involved ι̥† will be a great show and i anticipate being there i have voted м̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ men. Big ups

9 years ago

like this one