VIDEO: Victoria Kimani - March Along & Fade Away


Versatile Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani just released the music video to her song "March Along" off her debut album - Safari. The reggae song has a video befitting its storyline - the street hustle. Watch:

Via an Instagram Post, Victoria shared her personal connection to the song: "And then one day I realized who I am, and that These young girls are watching, In need of a positive female figure in their lives, A vision of Hope, a reflection of themselves in another light, It was that day I realized That I am those girls, also hoping for better days! So to my girls .... the path of those who are called to greatness but surrounded by fuckery ..... like us, is narrow.... baby girl ... Put on your Big Girl Shoes and MARCH ALONG as we do! Never conform!"

Only a month ago, Victoria released another music video to another one of her album's gems: "Fade Away" with South African singer Donald. Dope video concept.