VIDEO: Rise Up - Navio ft Ankit Tiwari


Navio teams up with India's Ankit Tiwari in a brand New cross cultural, cross continental smash that is bound to take Africa and Asia by storm. Not only is the “Rise Up” song uplifting and for a worthwhile cause, it also has all the makings of a Club “Banger” and Radio favorite. The themes of coming from ‘nothing to something’ and impoverished people changing their lives for the better is a subject close to both Artistes hearts. it made sense to work with each other on the project. They are no strangers to each others music. After both releasing unique record breaking songs in the same calendar year on different continents, it was easy to picture that this collaboration would be something special. The video juxtaposes the “dream” location of the Masrani Mansion with the urban realities that people on both their continents are living in. Teaming with the Abaana Abaidho Foundation allowed both Artistes to: Involve children who would wish to rise up in society. Allow them to walk tall and proud alongside Ankit and Navio. To let the surrounding Village of Buwenge in Uganda know that they are a part of the society and need to be given the chance to be useful members of society. Producer “Ricky Expendable” and Ankit worked tirelessly to give a crisp sound that is “now” and also marketable on so many different chart radios. The subtle cadences in the beat and vocals allow for an easy listening yet still assertive sound.