VIDEO: Boneye, Konkodi, Joh Makini, Owuor Arunga - Appetite


Boneye has kept off the public eye for a couple of years, during which he was building on his family business and new music venture - Decimal Records.

He just released his comeback track "Appetite" featuring his label's signee Konkodi, Tanzanian rap king Joh Makini and the extraordinary Kenyan saxophonist Owuor Arunga.

Check out the song and video:

All the rappers bring their A- Game - this is definitely set for the top of airwaves. Great job Boneye! He shared more about the release via an Instagram p0st. See below:

"So here we are Feb 17 2017, after taking a break off the scene for a year Boneye is here as a record executive at Decimal Records which he co-owns with Eric Musyoka. Decimal Records have signed up fresh new artistes Brian Nadra and Konkodi Kenya, Boneye is back to the studio and promises fireworks from Decimal Records 2017 and beyond. 'I am guided by passion for the game, the business behind it and my love for music I thank God for an opportunity to give other artists a platform to showcase their talent and share my more than 10 years experience in the industry and partnering with one of the greatest minds in music production (Eric Musyoka) comes as a blessing.

Appetite is about the urge and drive I have to succeed. Featuring African big wig Joh Makini from Tanzania, Konkodi Kenya (New Decimal Records Signee) and the legendary Owour Arunga. Thank you for the support always."