VIDEO: Blinky Bill x Mitya in a powerful art piece - ATIE


Kenyan artiste Blinky Bill just released a legendary sound production with a video to reckon. Don't believe us - check it out:

The video directed by Andrew Mageto and Osborne Macharia features the League of Extraordinary Supergrans who he also displayed on Macharia's Instagram page prior to the video's release:

"This is the story of former female circumcisers living int he vast salty plains of Lake Magadi who abandoned their former practice and took up Ethnic Fashion as an alternative livelihood. They now shelter young girls escaping early marriage, teaching them on fashion skills such as styling, fashion design, print work and modeling for both local and international runways. Little is known about them till now ..."

What a powerful music and cultural project. Macharia is no stranger to such projects. Most recently VOGUE featured his past project on Kenya's league of extravagant grannies now retired and once corporate government leaders in the 70s.

Blinky Bill and Osbourne Macharia were both speaking at recently concluded Design Indaba Conference in South Africa. Now all eyes on Blinky's next music project ... From the looks of things ... well, Muthoni The Drummer Queen's Insta, looks like the squad i.e Blinky, Muthoni, Fena and Mayonde have already shot a new video that will be released soon.

Get the juice right here when it drops!