VIDEO: Maya Amolo - Lush Green


VIDEO: Maya Amolo - Lush Green

Maya Amolo - Lush Green

Maya Amolo - Lush Green

Kenyan RnB singer, songwriter; Maya Amolo debuts the official music video for her hit single "Lush Green".

Lush Green is a track supported by subtle tinkering beats; produced by Kamau Wanaina, that time travels back to Maya’s hometown in Nairobi, Kenya where she explores the feelings that come with being away from your comforts and the ones you love over time. She writes a  reassuring letter to herself, where one gets the sense of community and tenderness that Maya craves when she is away in New York. 

The visual is shot in her home garden; directed by Mumbi Muturi( the artist’s mother), capturing the lush green vegetation which is in reference to how Kenyan summers look while at the same time being a safe haven for Maya. The presence of Kenyan models with African headwear pieces in the visual are a direct translation that she feels better and more alive when she is back home.

Maya writes  "For me this visual is the perfect representation of what makes me feel most cared for and comfortable, and what I was writing about when I was homesick in New York in the winter: The comfort of a green garden and support from people at home." 

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