Matata - Mapema

Matata - Mapema

Matata - Mapema

Norway based Gengetone group; Matata continue to rise with their latest debut "Mapema".

The Kenyan group explains “Mapema very fast” is a Sheng/ slang (Swahili-english) idiom that was popularized by Kenyan vintage stylist Diman Mkare, and is a phrase that is popular among the youths.The phrase can be used to express a feeling of happiness , fulfilment , disbelief & affirmation. The term can also be used to give instructions or command."

As a way of celebrating Kenyan urban culture and telling Kenyan stories through Music and Dance, Matata created this song to appreciate Sheng; which even though is not an official language, it’s widely spoken in Kenya, especially by the youth.

This track is produced by Matata while the vibrant music video is shot and directed by David Vu.


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