VIDEO: Frasha - Wajinga Sisi

Frasha - Wajinga Sisi

Frasha - Wajinga Sisi

Famous Kenyan rapper; Frasha has unleashed a new track which he titles "Wajinga Sisi".

King Kaka started a movement with his controversial hit  'Wajinga Nyinyi' where he went off on the current ruling Kenyan government for the impunity and corruption that has been practiced over the years.

Frasha now joins in to support his fellow artist in exposing the government after King Kaka received  negative responses from some of the country's leaders.

Frasha boldly addresses issues of unemployment among the youth, extrajudicial killings and several other malices that are going on in the country.

This powerful track is produced by PRVK and The Other Guys while the music video is shot and directed by Warui Fred.




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