Freddy Michael Kouablan - Biography, Early Life, CV & Profile 


Shortly after Pa Omar Jobe signed with Simba SC, football enthusiasts were surprised by the club's latest addition, the talented player Freddy Michael Kouablan. 

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Speculations and reports have swirled around the signing of this top talent, with many seeking details about his background, biography, profile CV, and more. Here are five intriguing facts and a CV profile about Freddy Michael Kouablan

1. Where Is Freddy Kouablan From (Nationality)? 

Freddy Kouablan was born in Ivory Coast West Africa and throughout his career, he has played for both local teams in Ivory Coast and international teams across Africa. 

What Teams Has Freddy Michael Kouablan Played For? 

Since his debut as a player, Freddy Kouablan has played for several teams across Africa. Some of those teams include AS Port Louis of Port Louis,  Mauritius( 2017 - 2019), Clube Ferroviário de Nacala of Nacala Mozambique (  2019 - 2020), Clube Desportivo da Huíla of Lubango, Angola ( 2021 - 2023), Green Eagles FC of Choma, Zambia (2023 - 2024) and the recent joined Simba SC. 

3. How Old Is Freddy Michael Kouablan? 

Freddy Michael Kouablan is 25 years old as of January 2025 and he is expected to be a valuable addition to the Simba Sports Club. 

4. What Records Does Freddy Michael Kouablan Hold? 

Freddy Michael Kouablan emerged as the leading goal-scorer in the Zambian Premier League, netting a total of 8 goals.