Zonda Releases new EP

The Kenyan indie artiste Kenneth Githinji a.k.a Zonda has released a new EP titled "Fantasy Mekanikx". It's a hauntingly fresh sound from the Sauti Academy alumni. Look out for simple acoustic yet fantastic songs in the EP like Suzanna, Nairoberry and Fantasy.

The 9-tracked EP has 8 songs produced by Atwal and can be heard on Soundcloud.

So about Zonda ... The butter-voiced singer started singing from a young age of eleven years old. His sound has been influenced by multiple realms of music from zilizopendwa, afro fusion, benga to hip hop, R&B to funky tunes - collectively inspiring the creation of his afro pop genre. As his own profile rightfully states, Zonda is destined to ignite souls of Africa and beyond.

Congrats Zonda!!


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