Xprso drop their debut EP "Nairobass"

Members of Xprso (from left): Mars Maasai, Mr. LU, RVMP

Members of Xprso (from left): Mars Maasai, Mr. LU, RVMP

Kenyan based production team Xprso have launched their first official project by the title "Nairobass".

Breathe Baby, Mars Maasai, RVMP and Mr. Lu are the four extremely talented members who together are the genre and culture collective that is Xprso.

The artists create their lush and playful sound  based on the main pillars of hip hop, reggae and dance hall music; bass, dirty drums, dark vocals and sampling.



This team of producers is cooking up a storm in Nairobi's music scene with their debut 7-track EP which the artists describe as "an offering that underlines our love for bass, dark samples and bright synths as our musical tools of choice. This is Nairobi as we know it - a collection of lived experiences."

Notable features on this EP include; Chevy Kev (Kiinyume), Palmtrees and Lukorito who have all previously worked closely with the Xprso collective.

Production rights on Nairobass go to Mars Maasai, MR. LU, RVMP and Danzo.

Nairobass is now available for streaming and downloads on all official digital platforms.


Stream Nairobass here:




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