The UG Hip-Hop Awards 2016



This Thursday 15th of December will mark a historic day in the books of Ugandan hip hop. The hip-hop awards are the first ever to be dedicated to the hip-hop genre in the country and the East African region. Here's how it all started ... On 12th August the organisers of the Uganda Hip-Hop Awards put out a call for submissions from the Ugandan hip-hop industry with over 20 categories that would be deliberated over by judges. In the addition to the 20 categories, there are 2 special categories: Lifetime Achievement Awards & Hustler of the year which aren't to be submitted nor voted for by the fans. Works released by artists between 30th June 2015 - 1st January 2016 were considered by the judges to come up with 5 nominees in the different categories. Ruyonga, Keko & Navio led the nominations with five nods each in the different various categories such as Rap fusion of the year and album of the year.

As voting closed by the fans on 4th December the organisers put up a rap challenge where one can upload a 1 minute video of them rapping over a beat that you can download here so as to win over $200 that will be given a way as  prize money in addition to a recording contract on the day of the awards ceremony 15th December 2016. Furthermore they've given fans a chance to predict winners of the different categories so as to win smartphones. To take part in the predicting challenge, you can check out the nominees below and predict using the hashtag #UGHipHopAwards16.

Male Rapper of the Year
•Pryce Teeba

Song of the Year
•Side Zeno – Pryce Teeba
•Mutima – Keko Tyson
•Kigozi - Navio
•Malala – Victor Kamenyo
•Tunyumize – Gravity

Collaboration of the Year
•Empisa - Ruyonga ft. Nandujja & St. Nelly-sade
•Batuwulira - BigTril ft. Fille
•Crazy - Mckenzie ft. Navio & Keko
•Nsekula - Fefe Bussi ft. Sheebah
•All Femcee Cypher – Fasie, Keko, Yallah, Sphynx, Twitch, Ninja C, Zion & Agee

Video of the year
•Gbesile – Navio ft. Burna Boy
•Tsunami – Atlas Da African
•Drink Party - Opu
•Emergency - Nemesis
•Dreams – Kracbone

Lyricist of The year
•Ebaluwa – St. Nelly-sade
•First Family – The Mith
•Misinde - Keko
•Hip-Hop Kijjulo - Brooks AfterMathematics
•Kumbe Anjagala - Luganda XLz

Inspirational of the year
•Ekitakumenya - Ruyonga
•Togwamu Ssubi - Benzeri
•Hallelujah -1Der JR
•Victory – Flex D’Paper
•In Awe of You - Rugged Made

Rookie of the year
•Young Cardamom & HAB
•Herninjaness Ninja c

Sweet 16
•Calm before the Storm – Tucker HD
•Redefinitions - Ruyonga
•Kingin’ - Patrobas
•Gritty Cypher 2 - Payne Keelah
•Who Killed Hip-Hop – Enygma

Mixtape of the year
•Kambajulire – Pryce Teeba
•Love from Venus - Keko
•Keep the Fame - Sulfuric
•Dorm Room Experience - High Society Music
•The Enygma Machine – Enygma

Central rapper of the year
•Fefe Bussi
•Victor Kamenyo
•St. Nelly-sade

Eastern of the year
•Byg Ben
•Buka Chimey
•Ram Kigozi

Northern artist of the year
•Mc Wang Jok
•Toobi Smallz
•Acholi Rapper Lobby
•Lumix (R.I.P)

Western Uganda artist of the year
•Amaani Amanigger
• T Bro
• Qrea-us

Rap Fusion of the year
•Eh Mama - Mith ft. Maro
•Ghost - Maurice ft. Ruyonga
•Njogereza - Navio
•Ndakwikundira – Mckenzie ft. Kahiri, The Mith, Ruyonga, & Lilian Mbabazi
•Mutima – Keko Town

Media Personality of the year
•So Severe (Touch FM)
•Mister Deejay (Radio City)
•Byg Kahuna (Hot 100)
•Segawa Salim (
•Kyle (New Vision)

Deejay of the Year
•Tha Dropout
•DJ Twonjex
•DJ Slugface
•Deejay Crim
•DJ Shiru

Producer of the Year
• The Weezy (Batuwulira)
• Samurae (Ndakwikundira)
• Nase Avatar (No Apologies)
• Lawraid Vibes (Stories of Elevation)
• Baru (Side Zeno/Kambajulire)

Diaspora Act of the year
• Rashy K (Yenze)
• Double S (Styles and Flows)
• S.T.R.A.P. (Listen)
• Kleo (Come too far)
• Ston City (Afrikan Magic)

Female Artist of the Year
• MC Yallah
• Keko
• The Sphynx
• Lady Slyke
• Fasie

Album of the year
• St. Nelly-Sade - Stories of Elevation (Omulondo n'engero)
• Ajo - No Apologies
• Shemy B - Street Identity
• Ruyonga - Glory Fire
• Navio - The Chosen