Sallam SK Opens Up On Whether Diamond Platnumz Asked Marioo To Join WCB Wasafi | SEE DETAILS


Diamond Platnumz's manager, Sallam SK has finally opened up on whether it was true or not that Diamond Platnumz Marioo asked to join WCB Wasafi. 

About a month ago Diamond Platnumz in a highly publicized interview, stated that at some point, Marioo approached him and asked to be signed under WCB Wasafi print but he declined because he believed Marioo is a good artist who could do great things even outside WCB Wasafi. As the story developed, Marioo later refuted Diamond Platnumz's comments stating there was never such a thing

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In a recent interview, Sallam SK who is Diamond Platnumz's International manager was asked about the issue and stated that it is true that Diamond and Marioo used to meet frequently but he was not there on the day of the meeting as the two were discussing.