Jaivah discloses his working relationship with Bxtra Records


Tanzanian singer and songwriter, Jaivah, has recently shared insights into his association with Bxtra Records, a prominent record label in Tanzania.

Jaivah, currently in the spotlight with his chart-topping hit Pita Kule featuring Marioo, has clarified his continued affiliation with Bxtra Records, led by the legendary music producer Hermy B making it clear that he parted ways with his former record label, Abbah Music.

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During his appearance on EFM's Transformer show, when questioned by El Mando about the absence of the Bxtra Records label in his bio, Jaivah clarified that although he included his own record label tag, he remains a signed artist under Bxtra Records, a label that also boasts other prominent talents like Meja Kunta and Country Wizzy.

"I'm signed under Bxtra Records and I’m officially under the label but in my bio I did write I am the CEO and founder of the One Big Music family" said the Tanzanian singer

Bxtra Records is a Tanzanian-based record label that represents a roster of artists including Country Wizzy, Cherry, and the Singeli sensation Meja Kunta. Founded by the legendary Tanzanian producer Hermy B, the label played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of notable artists such as Vanessa Mdee, Gosby, and Mabeste.