New Music East Africa Featuring Diamond Platnumz, V-be, Lady Jaydee And More


In East Africa, it's a fun time to be a music fan because each day different artists release new songs that without a doubt deserve to be in your rotation and added to your playlist. 

From Tanzania's Diamond Platnumz to Kenya's Vijana Barubaru, enjoy new music in East Africa this week:

Kale Kadance - Vijana Barubaru. 

There was no better way for Vijana Barubaru to kick off 2023 than to release Kale Kadance, a smash hit meant to fuel up your soul and motivate you to start 2023 in high spirits. 

Kale Kadance

Yatapita - Diamond Platnumz 

After making fans dance to the core with Chitaki, Diamond Platnumz who is known for releasing good and new music decides to go back to his comfort zone with Yatapita. The song is produced by Lizer Classic and this song is meant to cement his position as the King Of Bongo Fleva. 


Dully Sykes - Muntata 

In his new track titled Muntata, Dully Sykes does not have much to say, instead, he focuses his energy on the beat rather than songwriting to create what is expected to be a club banger meant to soothe the souls of clubgoers. 


Namchukia - Yammi 

The African Princess's first signee, Yammi seem to be highly influenced by the coastal-based Baibuda. In her debut song found in her debut EP titled 3 Hearts, Yammi expresses his hate, regrets and anger toward a cheating partner. 


I Found Love - Lady Jaydee & Rama Dee 

In the modern-day Bongo Fleva music industry where explicit language is a norm, it is not an understatement to describe I Found Love as one of the few Bongo Fleva love songs that you can listen to with anyone. The video of the song directed by Nicklass brings us to a new Lady Jaydee who is an expert in choreography. 

I Found Love

Wivu - Platform TZ 

The good thing about Platform TZ is that he knows exactly what Gen Z wants and in his new song titled Wivu, the talented singer dishes out pure Bongo Fleva packed with relatable lyrics and his sultry vocals.