Naiboi Triple Threat: No Love, Distance and Smooth Criminal


When it comes to Kenyan artistes, Naiboi is definitely in his own league - thanks to his unique style and moves. Naiboi always comes out fresh, original and authentic. From "Problem" to "Gudi Gudi" and any other release he touched, Naiboi is a certified hitmaker.

Of late, he has taken a different approach and become more prolific, hitting us with new records back to back. In the first drop, Naiboi teams up with Shappa Man in "No Love" that for the first time shows us Shappa's singing talent, after which he raps out. Dope production from DJ Creme! Here, Naiboi brings his smooth lines and sweet vocals.

Get No Love:

Naiboi's second release is quite timely as Kenyans anticipate to see Omarion perform live in Nairobi at the Afropop Festival (3rd June, 2017). Naiboi's refix to "Distance" is so fresh and sounds as if it is naturally his own. Maybe, this is how Naiboi will get himself meeting and working, or even performing on stage, alongside Omarion when he comes to Nairobi. Must happen!

Which Distance track do you prefer? Get Naiboi's here:

Naiboi's latest track is "Smooth Criminal" featuring iLOGOS. This one is obviously inspired by Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal as you can hear in the track. This is a feel-good track that is set to enjoy some good radio play. Congrats Naiboi for the triple effort!

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