DOWNLOAD: Sili Mujjawo - Jose Chameleone


The Legend strikes again. Chameleone is one of the few Ugandan artists that has continuously used his platform to address different issues that a common man in Uganda faces on a day to day basis. In doing so this has made his music timeless and has become a legend in process. On this latest track he talks about the hatred and envy Ugandans have for one's success.

Time and again we have seen this happen whenever a Ugandan takes on the world stage in different fields like sports, music awards. The first thing is we want to see the fellow Ugandan fail when they take center stage and as the Leone Island boss who has been on the world stage before he has been through this. Chameleone touches this issue in a special way on a beat. Instead of fighting one's success Chameleone says we should ask them on how they became successful so that we can learn and that should be away major takeaway from this song.