DOWNLOAD: Forward - Sonny Soweez

Its been a while since we got something new from Sonny but all that has changed with her latest release that is produced by Samurae. Like most of Sonny's releases, they carry a message and "Forward" isn't any different. It's a track that talks about feeling incomplete and comparing yourself to someone else. This is a message that strikes a chord amongst most of us, we can relate to it and this makes the track a favorite. In a brief chat with Sonny she said she wrote the song after she got into a music midlife crisis.  "I wrote that song after I got through a music midlife crisis literally. I realised why I started doing music in the first place and how my initial intentions had diverted away." she added "I decided to pen down my truths because I am better version of me and this song will speak to me every time I fall back if any."  This track not only speaks to Sonny but to most of us. Currently she's working on 10 track album titled "Untainted" and Forward is the third single off the album.

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