Ben Pol finally 'Shows Off' his new single featuring Darassa


Ben Pol, a highly acclaimed RnB artist from Tanzania, just dropped a fresh single titled Show Off, featuring Tanzanian rapper, Darassa.

Following the well-received drops of Wewe and Adela earlier this year, Show Off marks Ben Pol's third release in 2023. Notably, this track also solidifies the fifth collaborative effort between Ben Pol and Darassa.

Blending Bongo Hip Hop and Bongo Flava, Darassa and Ben Pol team up in the song to share how happy they are to show their love partners in public.

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 In Show Off, the award-winning singer uses his sultry vocals and Darassa uses his well-detailed rap lines to reveal that love shouldn't be kept hidden but celebrated openly embracing the joy of affectionate public display.

The song was created with the talents of award-winning producer Abbah Process and penned by Darassa and G Boy, a member of Classic Music Group.

 G Boy is also the mastermind behind the lyrics of Lady Jaydee's I Found Love and Nandy's 2023 hit Falling.