Anjella Makes A Grand Comeback With Her New "Blessing" Video


It's now safe to say that, Anjella is officially back in the Bongo Fleva music industry and nothing proves her grand comeback more than her recently released “Blessing” music video 

Blessing is the first official music video by Anjella in 2023 and in it, the Gen Z Tanzanian singer has given a hint on why she may have left Harmonize's music haven, Konde Music Worldwide. 

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The video starts with Anjella waking up in what seems to be an old and worn-out house and the first thing she does after waking up is throw away a cassette that was playing her 2022 hit song with Harmonize “Kioo”, therefore showcasing her official exit from Konde Music Worldwide label. 

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One of the most eye-catching parts of the video is when Anjella is seen trying to persuade Harmonize for money but Harmonize's former lover (who seems to be Kajala) in this case stops Harmonize from doing so. 

This “Blessing” video acts as a “point of no return” to Anjella who is now finding her way in the bustling city of Bongo Fleva as an independent artist.