Top Kenyan Songs Of 2023 So Far


In 2023 the Kenyan Music Industry continued to make noise in Africa, thanks to the remarkable punchlines, melodic verses and well written lyrics that Kenyan artists fed fans. In this article we will highlight the top Kenyan songs of 2023 so far : 

The first half of 2023 saw Fathermoh honoring Gengetone with Kaskie Vibaya, Otile Brown aggressively taking over Tanzanian market with One Call Away and Willy Paul making waves on Tiktok with Umeme. Such hits made it clear that the Kenyan music industry is currently enjoying  its moment in the sun. 

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Here The Top Kenyan Songs In 2023 So Far: 

Top Kenyan Songs 2023

1.Kaskie Vibaya - Fathermoh Ft Ssaru 

Fathermoh fearlessly embraced the Swahili phrase Kaskie Vibaya which translates to "Go Feel Bad" and transformed it into a compelling song that fearlessly addresses social issues, without concern for the potential backlash from those who may feel uncomfortable.

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The Gengetone single has become a bestseller in Kenya upon its release including on Boomplay where the song has 6.7 Million streams in a span of 4 months. 

2. One Call - Otile Brown Ft Ruby 

One Call Away serves as a testament to the unifying power of music between Kenya and Tanzania. In this enchanting love song, Otile Brown endeavors to rescue a woman from the clutches of a toxic relationship.

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It was Ruby’s award winning vocals, Otile Brown’s catchy melody and Hanscana directed music video that made this whole project a blockbuster. 

3. Romantic Call - Vijana Barubaru 

The secret sauce behind this Romantic Call are the well catered lyrics that would resonate with anyone who is deeply in love. 

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With this single the duo has without a doubt raised  their profile in the East African music industry and with Sauti Sol announcing their hiatus, Romantic Call, is a sign that the duo is poised to take their place.

4. Umeme - Willy Paul 

There is something so addictive about Willy Paul’s Umeme whether it's the slow-sensual beat or the romantic and intimate lyrics it is without a doubt that Kimambo Beats and Lizer Classic did an incredible job producing this masterpiece. 

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Umeme is Willy Paul’s biggest release this year, a fact which is supported by the fact that on Boomplay and Youtube, the project is his most streamed project in 2023. 

5. My Baby - Bien Ft Ayra Starr 

Earlier this year, Bien and Ayra Starr came together to create My Baby which is a striking departure from the typical upbeat and dance-oriented tunes often associated with Kenya Naija Collaborations. 

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This slow, lyrical masterpiece has taken the music scene by storm, becoming Bien's most significant release of the year, garnering thousands of streams and securing its place as one of the most prominent collaborations in East Africa in 2023 making it one the top Kenyan songs in 2023 so far.

6. Kwame - Khaligraph Jones Ft Harmonize 

Amidst the anticipation of the romantic Valentine's Day celebrations, Khaligraph Jones boldly defied the norm, by releasing Kwame, a socio-politically themed track that delivers a powerful message about peace and the relentless struggle to reach at the top. 

The release of Kwame was met with instant acclaim, capturing the hearts of listeners, and its impact was further amplified by a meticulously crafted music video shot by Hanscana on the streets. 

7. Miss Behaviour - Boutross Ft Savara & Fathermoh 

One remarkable aspect of Miss Behavior is its seamless fusion of diverse genres, including Hip Hop, local RnB, and gengetone.

It is precisely this harmonious blend that struck a chord with countless individuals, propelling the song to viral status.

Upon Its release Miss Behaviour became an escapade in Nairobi Night Clubs and also a go to song among Tiktokers. 

8. Mi Nawe - Nadia Mukami & Arrow Bwoy 

This Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy's collaboration delivers a powerful reminder to couples, urging them to stand by each other through the trials and tribulations they may face.

The seemingly simple yet profound message struck a chord with audiences, leading the song to soar past more than 1 Million views on Youtube.

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This remarkable milestone can be attributed to the duo's astute marketing campaign, which effectively amplified the song's reach and propelled its popularity even further.

9. Nowe Sweety - Bahati Featuring Joyce Wa Mamaa

It is very thrilling to listen to Nowe Sweety as the song showcased how Bahati was trying to  broaden his fanbase among local music enthusiasts by venturing into singing in diverse vernacular languages.

In Nowe Sweety which is a Kikuyu phrase for "It Is Only You Sweety" , Bahati features vernacular singer Joyce Wa Mamaa as they passionately convey profound feelings of love and affection towards one another.

10. Let Me Love You - Lexsil Featuring Phina 

Lexsil's tireless endeavors to elevate Kenyan music to new heights are prominently displayed in this captivating Kazomba and R&B track, featuring Tanzanian singer Phina, together, they skillfully celebrate love and their profound connection.

The song's lyrics possess an emotional depth that resonates deeply, making it an ideal accompaniment for cherished moments such as vacations, engagement ceremonies, and romantic dates.