Trey Songz discovers a “cool piece of Nairobi”


During his time in Kenya, American R&B/hip hop artiste and record producer Trey Songz got to travel in one of Nairobi’s iconic and hip public transport vehicle popularly known as “matatu”. Chaperoned by legendary Kenyan rapper Nyashinski, Trey felt that the experience of a moving gallery was like “being in a subway in New York somewhere because [the matatu] was graffitied up and very flashy,” adding, “It’s also a dope experience because of the music.”

Nyashinski gave Trey more insight on who usually hops into a mat. “You never know who you will be sitting next to – it can be a doctor or lawyer - not a class thing. Cultural exchange is a good way to show Africa to the world.”

The two artistes later made some great music on Coke Studio season 4. After the ride around town, Trey simply concluded, “I’ve discovered a cool piece of Nairobi.”