Top Tanzanian Songs Of 2023 So Far


The first half of 2023 was simply a movie that we all enjoyed watching. From romantic love ballads that decorated weddings, to anguishing heartbreak songs that healed broken hearts to the upbeat Amapiano tracks that made “Chino Wana Man” a household name. Here are the top Tanzanian songs in 2023 so far : 

So far in 2023, Diamond Platnumz made history with Yatapita, Chino Kidd became a household name with Soup while Darassa proved that he was not just a Nobody after dropping his rap banger featuring Bien. It is fair to say that Tanzanian artists beautified the first half of 2023 with hits. 

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Here are the top Tanzanian songs in the first half of 2023: 

Top Songs Tanzania 2023

1.Single Again - Harmonize

For the first half of 2023, there was no bigger song in Tanzania than Harmonize’s Single Again, a well-packaged heartbreak song that will still resonate with you even if you are in a happy relationship. 

On Youtube, the Amapiano track is the second most streamed audio release in 2023 by a Tanzanian artist, on Tik Tok the song has amassed more than 350 million views while on Boomplay Single Again is soon going to clock 30 million streams. 

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With “Single Again” Harmonize created his biggest solo project since his debut in 2015. 

2. Yatapita - Diamond Platnumz 

Bongo Fleva die-hard fans exploded with joy in January when Diamond Platnumz released Yatapita, a song which marked Diamond Platnumz's official return to his Bongo Fleva roots. 

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With 31 Million views on Youtube, Yatapita is now the most-watched Tanzania music video in 2023 so far on Youtube. 

3. Nobody - Darassa Ft Bien 

With more than 6.4 Million views, Darassa’s Nobody stands to be the most streamed Tanzanian audio release in 2023 on Youtube so far, thanks to Bien’s vocals that monumented the catchy chorus. 

Despite its rap genre, Nobody captivated a wide audience with its easy lyrics, particularly appealing to females and young listeners.

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The addition of Bien's melodic chorus added a unique touch to the Abbah-produced track, making it a favourite choice for weddings and sparking TikTok challenges.

4. Mahaba - Ali Kiba 

Ali Kiba's ability to skillfully weave together heartfelt emotions, vivid imagery, and excellent storytelling is what sets "Mahaba" apart and we all knew that the song was a bestseller when Ali Kiba screamed “Natamani kuwa single Ila nna-upwiru unakaba koo”

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On Boomplay, Mahaba is the most streamed single in Tanzania in 2023 so far and the track is Ali Kiba’s most listened single on the app to date. 

5. Shuga Daddy - Jux, Dj Tarico & G Nako 

The viral success of Shuga Daddy became evident when netizens transformed the song’s lyrics into hilarious and widely-shared memes on Twitter. 

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The irresistible blend of feminine energy and straightforward lyrics in Shuga Daddy sparked an electrifying response from TikTok's female users, who enthusiastically echoed the song's catchy refrain, "Daddy Me I Want To Party."

6. Utaniua - Zuchu 

In the first half of 2023, Zuchu treated her fans to a collection of four remarkable songs. However, it was the release of "Utaniua" that captured the hearts of her devoted fanbase. 

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Utaniua, a romantic ballad that serves as a beautiful reminder of Zuchu's signature Baibuda style was accompanied by a blockbuster music video that enjoyed a thrilling cameo from Diamond Platnumz. 

Utaniua stands to be the most watched most-watched music video by an East African female artist in 2023 so far. 

7. Soup - Jaivah Ft Marioo & Chino Kidd 

Tanzanian clubgoers will testify that whenever DJs unleashed the infectious beats of "Soup" and the crowd heard the unforgettable words “Nilikuwa Na Wanangu Kina Chino” a wave of excitement would immediately wash over the dancefloor. 

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Soup has made Jaivah a well-known figure in the Tanzanian music industry, Chino Kidd a household name in East Africa and the song further solidified the Amapiano wave in the country. 

8. Sawa - Jay Melody 

Jay Melody's captivating song Sawa served as a powerful reminder to his fans that his success was not a coincidence, following his chart-topping hit Nakupenda in 2022.

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Jay Melody's heartfelt romantic love song not only shows his unwavering dedication to the Bongo Fleva genre but also serves as a testament that he is here to stay 

9. Amepotea - Mbosso 

Mbosso’s Amepotea shocked everyone upon its release and this is because of the unique perspective that the singer used to explain how deep he is in love as he assumes the role of a man who willingly forsakes his familial duties, job commitments, and friendships only to be indoors with the woman he loves. 

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The song was well received by fans upon its release, including on Boomplay where the song has so far amassed 9 million streams.

10. Nakuja - Tommy Flavour Ft Marioo 

Tommy Flavour’s Nakuja with Marioo is one of the best collaborations in Tanzania in 2023 as it sees the two Bongo Fleva Titans join forces to create what seems to be Tommy Flavour’s biggest single to date.

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Nakuja acts as an appetizer for Tommy’s debut album “Heir To The Throne” that is set for release this July.