Maua Sama Allows Her Man To "Cheat" In A New Song | LISTEN


Tanzanian singer and songwriter Maua Sama has once again decided to entertain her fans with her brand new single titled “Cheat” 

The song comes at least 4 weeks since the award-winning singer told her haters to shut up in her Bongo Fleva escapade titled “Keep Quiet” 

In “Cheat” the Moshi born and raised makes it clear that she allows her man to cheat only if he cheats with a beautiful and smarter woman than she is. The song’s vocals bring the lazy singing Maua Sama who we once heard in her earlier songs such as Mahaba Niue. 

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Different from “Keep Quiet” which was a Bongi Fleva song, Cheat sees Maua Sama lingering in a new generation R&B playground therefore serving fans the vibes of America’s SZA or the talented Normani.