Jiff - BeatJacker Mixtape Volume 1

Jiff used to be part of the rap/hiphop group called 'Paragon' before he moved on and started his solo career. He is a singer,
songwriter, producer and rapper
. Born in London and currently resides in Nigeria. Jiff still resides in the UK


The BeatJacker Mixtape Volume
1, a compilation of penned lyrics by Jiff on instrumentals of established
artist, is the defining moment when he can say in his pigeon tongue
‘I don land.’ meaning ‘he has arrived.’

This mixtape
is just a taste of what’s to come while the album is cooking. I started
with ‘U R Nigerian Queen’ which I wrote in 2hours to Akon’s Mama
Africa rhythm and it just went from there, I didn’t plan to do a mixtape
it just happened.

I'm really diggin this mixtape cover. Good work on the lyrics on each song, he switched everything up well. Download and Enjoy!

BeatJacker Mixtape Front cover
BeatJacker Mixtape back cover

Listen to Secret Rendezvous



Download: BeatJacker Mixtape Volume 1


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