Persistence and Endurance

In life, you can set goals, visualize them and be passionate about them, but you can't stop there. At this point the goals are just spoken words or written words on a piece of paper. There is a mis-conception that all you have to do is believe and magic will happen, that the goal or that which you wish for will magically appear from the heavens, nothing is further from the truth.

Look, in life as you start working on getting your goals and visions
materialized, you will be met with adversity, opposition and
resistance. You will need to get used to this truth and accept it as
long as you live. People will give you resistance, some situations will
appear impossible,  events will occur that might overwhelm you with
doubt and steal some confidence from you. Don't Give Up!
don't like to suffer these days, but i think it is worth suffering
up-front for the goals and dreams you want for your life, rather than
living in regret of never really bringing some of your dreams to life.
It is about priding yourself to being a cause in the world as opposed
to being a victim of circumstances, but i digress.


Your commitment level to something determines how much you are
willing to do or give, how much persistence and endurance you are
willing to embody.
Like Seth Godin calls it, the forces of mediocrity;
which are all the opposition, adversity and resistance.These things are
occurrences in life that will always occur to test your level of
commitment. Some people focus 100% on these things and loose sight of
their vision, then the inevitable happens, they quit on themselves. You
have to know like you know that your goal and dream is more important
than any opposition that may face you. Always be in Solution Mode! and
Don't give up ...Make It!!!

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