Naija Rappers who live outside Naija

I have a list of questions you should ask yourself and answer before you start recording and putting music out to a fan base. 

Obviously, you know that you have the talent i.e you can rap and you can deliver lines. Now before you start putting in a lot of time in the studio you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Am I good enough to take this up as a career?

It may take you a few years of battling and recording in your basement before you can answer this question truthfully. Regardless what your answer is, you definitely want to have a solid plan B, but if your answer is 'Yes' then you want to ask yourself another question:

    2.    Am I better off building a career here (wherever you are outside of Naija) or creating music strictly for naija crowd?

There is no in between, you need to answer 'Yes' or 'No'. If you don't decide at this point, you may have a harder time switching up after your style has been ingrained in people's minds especially with how fast the naija music industry is growing and forming. If your answer is 'yes I am better of making music for naija', continue reading, if not go to nahright for inspiration.

Don't confuse this with honing your skillz and competing with local acts (wherever you are outside naija) while coming up, it only improves your delivery and skill.

I have 2 more questions, but I will continue add them to another post.

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6 years ago

This Article makes no sense atall. blah blah