Managing Decisions...

I listened to John Maxwell speak on Saturday and he spoke about the concept of Making and managing decisions. See I had thought about it in the past, wondering why sometimes I would say "I am going to start (whatever new habbit) tomorrow" and then 2 weeks later I had completely forgotten that I even made a decision. Why is it very common to say that we are going to do something and then 3 days later completely stop doing that thing which we want and know to do? The reason is because we refuse to manage the decision daily.


Decision making is an over-rated phenomenon. Every new year, we all make a decision or more either to stop a bad habit or adopt a new behavior... That decision making period lasts a few minutes and includes a 'feel-good' frame that makes us motivated to pursue the positive outcome of the decision we just made. It is only lip service, if you will at this point. The real deal is when we manage the decision day in, day out and go on the journey to bring the outcome to life.

According. to John, you can only manage decisions Daily, wake up in the morning and decide to manage all the decisions you made years, months, weeks or days ago... You only have today to manage it, stop  the "O i will do it tomorrow" mentality... Now, once you manage the decision for 30 days straight it starts to become part of how you operate....

Ok this is where ill stop, I'm beginning to feel like Dr Phill on some Pschologyical shiznit...

Have a Great Weekend People and Manage those Decisions Daily!

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